Videos about “Where’s Home?”

Covid-19 has made us think for ways to introduce my book to you other than the usual public book launch/readings. So, I’ve made a few short videos of (mostly) me talking about my book. Not the same, but they do cover the topics, and they’re short! I hope to be holding readings etc. as soon as they are safe for all.

Video 1 asks: What do you answer when someone asks “Where’s home for you?”

Video 2 discusses Nova Scotians’ favourite scenes and seasons. What are yours?

Video 3 introduces Andrew Wetmore, Editor at Moose House Publications, who shares their focus and why they are publishing my book.

Video 4 talks about how young people can feel a sense of home – or not.

Video 5 is called The Neighbour: do you visit new neighbours, and when, and should you bring food?