• Rita Joe Poetry Prize: Jan Fancy Hull, “Moss Meditations” |
    • Citation from judge Margo Wheaton: “‘Moss Meditations’ is a clear, beautifully-crafted seven-part poem and earthy hymn to moss, that ‘daughter of seaweed.’ Part praise poem and part confession, each section in this stirring meditation depicts an acutely personal interaction with the physical world. Asserting that ‘we must kneel to see it,’ the poem’s speaker adopts a stance of reverence in order to study ‘the moss-lined cradle of the forest floor’ and the stream ‘singing its ancient song.’ Clear-eyed and open-hearted, the politics of this poem are insistent, reminding us that we are stewards of a world we ourselves destroy. Elegant and hushed, this poem offers an alternative way to be with the living world and calls us to remember that we walk daily through ‘a kingdom of wonder.’”
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I have three poems in this anthology, GATHERING IN Covid-19 Silver Linings, published by WindyWood Publishing of Hubbards, Nova Scotia in late October 2020.

The book is featured in the December 12 2020 Chronicle Herald.

Gathering In features poems, prose, artwork, and links to songs and spoken word poetry, from twenty-eight contributors. Several are my friends and neighbours. I’m in good company.

The wide variety of styles and approaches to the topic of ‘silver linings’ will have broad appeal, as I hope my poems will.

I didn’t write them during the pandemic lockdown, but I do read them for the perspectives they reinforce for me. They are ostensibly nature-based, and nature is largely unaffected by Covid-19, thank goodness, so that is my silver lining. One of mine is a ‘concrete’ or visual poem, in which the shape reflects the content (see photo)

Available from the publisher.