Knowing where home is.

As you know, I’m gathering stories for a book with the working title “Where’s Home?” I know whereof I write: I am a native Nova Scotian who has enjoyed the snowbird life in Florida for over 12 years. I just sold my Florida place on March 1, and will be back home in NS by spring. … [Read more…]

Writing: the job

Isn’t writing a glamorous pursuit? We writers can predict the future of the world (Orwell), become billionaires (Rowling) or dream about it (Hull). I do dream, night and day, about a book, on a shelf, in a store, in a competition, receiving an award. All those things do happen, maybe someday to me. Until then, … [Read more…]

Asking the universe

I asked the (social media) universe to participate in my survey for my book-in-progress, Where’s Home? I had no idea how many responses I would get. A dozen? Dozens? Secretly, I hoped for 100. That’s a credible number, and it would give me enough responses that I could discard any crazies, which one has to … [Read more…]

One autumn day

Autumn 2016 was glorious in Nova Scotia, wasn’t it? After sitting by my lake one particularly beautiful October afternoon, I came in the house and immediately wrote this poem – directly on Facebook. (Posting it on Facebook means it is published, thus ineligible for literary competitions and some publications. They have their reasons.) It received … [Read more…]


In the summer of 2016 I had the pleasure of seeing my poem “Sentinels” published in the pages of The Antigonish Review #186, a literary magazine. That’s an exciting day in any writer’s life, but there was more: the cover of that edition featured a photo of five of my sandstone sculptures, collectively called “Sentinels”. … [Read more…]