THE CHURCH OF LITTLE BO PEEP and other stories to launch August 14, 2021!

Available now from Moose House Publications, from your favourite bookstore. Autographed copies here.

The Church of Little Bo Peep – a novella:

A tiny indiscretion from the past generates risks and possibilities in the present. Not really church at all. Or is it?

Ten Questions – a novelette:

What hope is there for a man adrift in an empty mall? Can bland questions from a surprising source provide personal revelation?

Camp Pictures – a long short story:

An unexpected delivery may bring a rush of welcome memories. Or is it more like a welling-up of recollections better left suppressed?


These happy people signed two contracts for two books of fiction to be published in 2021!

[L] Jan Fancy Hull, author, and [R] Andrew Wetmore, Editor at Moose House Publications, November 13, 2020.

My fiction stories may surprise those who think of me as a polite retired insurance broker, or introspective introvert (guilty as charged). The characters in my stories are opinionated, strong, risky, selfish, and/or a little bit nuts. I’m eager to share them with you!

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