Knowing where home is.

As you know, I’m gathering stories for a book with the working title “Where’s Home?”

I know whereof I write: I am a native Nova Scotian who has enjoyed the snowbird life in Florida for over 12 years. I just sold my Florida place on March 1, and will be back home in NS by spring. Forever. I haven’t seen snow falling since early 2011, and I do miss it. I have a lovely home in NS and am looking forward to being there year round. I have lovely friends, family and interests in NS and am looking forward to seeing them year round.

Sure, I’ve enjoyed Florida. I’ll miss most of the weather (don’t care for tornado warnings or hot and humid days anywhere), the fabulous sports and cultural activities, and all my friends there.

But I’ve found it hard to really BE in two places. So I’ve chosen home.

Here are two photos: my final evening at home in Nova Scotia last fall, and one of my final evenings in Florida this week. Which would you choose?

November lakeside evening in NS

March riverside evening in FL


    • Jan Fancy Hull

      Thank you, Sue. I hope to have more time to visit with friends now, without having to cram it all in half a year. And as bad as winter seems to some, we’re not socked in ALL the time. You and I will meet this spring: we have some business to discuss.

    • Jan Fancy Hull

      To each her own, Annette. I never did mind the cold weather, but I did enjoy the warm weather in Florida – except for one March when I came down to escape the cold and had to stay indoors nearly all month due to cold temps here – it does happen.

  1. Kathy R

    It will probably be of no surprise to you that I pick the fireside photo. My friends tease me that I love home so much it’s an effort to get me to move my body past the Lunenburg County boundaries . Besides our landscape being absolutely beautiful, the wonderful part of our world is that it truly offers all four seasons. Having the year green from start to finish just seems a little dull, especially after seeing the fall burst into flames each year as the earth prepares for winter. Welcome home Jan! If the fates allow, (& your health) maybe you’ll be able to go coasting with us next winter… that would be some good!

    • Jan Fancy Hull

      Yay! I know I’m not alone in loving ALL of the four seasons, and nobody I know celebrates the coldest one better than you, Kathy. I would so love to go coasting, but barring a medical miracle, that won’t likely happen. However, I can watch you out the window, and keep the hot chocolate hot for ya. A crazy conversation, considering that I just came from a very tasty lunch at a spiffy bar overlooking a beach and the waters of the Gulf, sitting in the shade because the sun is hot…and I may visit such lovely spots in future, if you don’t invite me over for hot choc.

  2. Kay McNealy

    Didn’t know you were going to sell the Florida encampment….now then…I have just returned from 2 months in Mexico. It was fabulous!

    If you Google : Airbnb you will find wonderful places to go where it is warm and the prices are reasonable.

    Maybe next year you can get a change of scenery for a few weeks there?

    See you this summer.

    Cheers, Kay

    • Jan Fancy Hull

      I agree, Kay, there are a lot of warm places, and I have no doubt I’ll visit some in the future, just not for half the year. But first: I want winter – but I’m willing to wait until December for it.

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