Asking the universe

I asked the (social media) universe to participate in my survey for my book-in-progress, Where’s Home? I had no idea how many responses I would get. A dozen? Dozens? Secretly, I hoped for 100. That’s a credible number, and it would give me enough responses that I could discard any crazies, which one has to expect in such an open invitation.

Today, I took the survey down. It had reached 110 responses in 20 days. And no crazies!

I downloaded the responses, had them printed on sturdy 3-hole paper, put the pages in a binder, and took them to a great place to review comments from people discussing their relationship with Nova Scotia: the beach.

Yes, it’s January.

No, I’m not in NS.

I think it’s a very Nova Scotian thing to be working on my book on a Florida beach.


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