One autumn day

Autumn 2016 was glorious in Nova Scotia, wasn’t it? After sitting by my lake one particularly beautiful October afternoon, I came in the house and immediately wrote this poem – directly on Facebook.

(Posting it on Facebook means it is published, thus ineligible for literary competitions and some publications. They have their reasons.)

It received many Likes and comments from folk who said I had written exactly how they were feeling about the day. Here it is: I hope you enjoy it.


I left the earth for awhile today.

I sat beneath a maple tree, its crayon yellow leaves.
I would show you but you wouldn’t believe it, 
or you would say “Nice picture. Wow!”
It was so much more than wow.
And above the leaves was the sky, Oh, the sky today.
Blue is such a dull tool to describe all the joy
that is in that life-sustaining atmosphere above us.
So I ascended, brushing aside the leaves,
moving past the branches, into the sky.
Don’t worry, I didn’t go very high. I could still feel the heat
of this October sun, warming my back,
and I could hear the lake lapping against the shore,
pushed into ripples by the autumn breeze.
When I looked down, I was in my chair again,
reading my book. I hadn’t fallen. 
But for a few moments, 
I had risen.

(C) Jan Fancy Hull

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