My new book of fiction, The Church of Little Bo Peep and other stories, will launch on Saturday, August 14, 2021, from 4-5pm, at LaHave River Books. Special guests. Light refreshments.


My non-fiction book, Where’s Home? was published by Moose House Publications August 2020. Ask for it at your favourite bookstore, or order it here.

Where’s Home? explores the experience of home from the point of view of a wide variety of Nova Scotians, whether they were born into multi-generational settler families, arrived as immigrants or refugees, are descended from people who lived here before written history, or are long-time summer residents. Scenery, opportunity, happenstance, heritage, or the pervasive fog may motivate us to come to, stay in, go from, or come back to Nova Scotia. Or family, all ways. Some say they had to leave Nova Scotia to make their home and fortune where the grass was greener. Others long to live here, and think about how that might happen, every day. It examines the interactions between those who consider themselves “from here” and those who “come from away”. It’s complicated.

Responses to the question “Where’s home for you?” show that “home” is a current and passionate topic with Nova Scotians, wherever in the world they happen to be. Is Nova Scotia where you live? Where you love? Where you’d love to live – or leave?


January 2021:

Where’s Home? is full of questions in search of answers – so I created a workshop for writers, called “What’s Your Question?  to share what I had learned about questions. Many thanks to the Chester Art Centre for hosting this workshop. Read about it here.



August 29, 2020:The launch of Where’s Home?  at LaHave River Books was a success!

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